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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Orange Moon Art Studio Terms & Conditions

Client agrees to the terms and conditions listed below by their signature or the payment of an artwork retainer and/or a deposit to Orange Moon Art Studio LLC.



-Artwork Retainers

Orange Moon Art Studio requires an artwork retainer of $500 to start sketching for a project. This artwork deposit covers the first 5 hours of design time. Additional hours are billed at $100 an hour.

-Initial Deposits

Orange Moon Art Studio requires a deposit of 1/2 of the total project price to secure time on the schedule. The deposit is refundable, however OMAS will deduct any processing fees, material costs, design fees, or any other fees and costs that have accrued for the project.

-Final Payments

The final balance is due upon completion of the project no later than 30 days after the completion of the project. Appropriate late fees will be accessed after 30 days unpaid.



Orange Moon Art Studio reserves the right to alter the schedule in the event of artwork changes, paint dry times, constructions delays, and any other circumstance. If the timeline requires a change, the client will be notified immediately. If anything hinders our ability to work on site, we reserve the right to reschedule until the time that we have access to the space and our schedule allows.


Changes to the Artwork

Any change to the project artwork will add a fee of $500 per change. If the change/s requested include having to repaint, resurface, recover, etc. any completed areas, additional material fees will be added to the invoice. Orange Moon Art Studio reserves the right to artistic changes to create balance, composition, or unity to the project. In that event, we will notify the client.

If there are additional parties that must approve the artwork, approval must be done prior to the start of the project. If changes are dictated by additional parties after the e-signature of the client has been obtained, we reserve the right to charge additional fees, alter the schedule, or cancel the project.


On Site Requirements

Clients agree to give Orange Moon Art Studio a key, FOB, or badge to gain access to the site at any time. If OMAS needs to file any paperwork or background checks to receive this access, please forward it to

Orange Moon Art Studio may need access to a closet or kitchen with water and a sink. If isn’t available, please notify OMAS in advance for further arrangements. For the safety of all parties, the client agrees that no unnecessary personnel will be entering the project site when a representative of Orange Moon Art Studio is not present, if applicable.

If the project area doesn’t meet the preparations standards required for our team to work, we reserve the right to call our contractor in to complete the surface and tack that additional fee onto the invoice.


Emergency Contacts

In case of an emergency, the client shall provide 2 contacts that Orange Moon Art Studio can reach immediately. These people should be able to have complete access to the building or site and be within a reasonable distance to the site.


Insurance & W-9

If you need an insurance certificate or a W-9, please send that request to


Other Site Requirement

Orange Moon Art Studio works diligently to protect all non-mural surfaces from getting paint materials on them. If the protective cloth, film, tapes, tarps, etc. are removed by clients or their representatives, we reserve the right to charge for reapplication. If a lift is required, the client agrees to provide any protective surfacing to prevent scuffing or damage to the floor by the lift.


Lifts and Equipment

If OMAS requires a lift for your project, we will include a separate line for lift rental in the estimate. If you own or have access to a lift, it must be approved by OMAS prior to the initial deposit billing. Any other equipment that may be needed that is outside the scope of our normal work will also be added as a separate line on the estimate.


Legal Terms

In the event of legal proceedings, the client agrees to pay any and all legal fees associated. Replicas of original project artwork must be approved by Orange Moon Art Studio LLC.


Please e-sign below to agree to these terms and condition.

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