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Welcome, Rocky!

WWe are excited to welcome Rocky Detalente to the Orange Moon Art Studio tattoo team! Rocky has experience tattooing as well as many other art forms. If you have not seen them, check out his amazing cosplay works!

Go Thunderbolts!

We are super proud of our daughter who helped to paint a mural in her school. After many years of sharing a building with the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center, New Tech got their own building! This mural is in the main entrance to their facility. Go Thunderbolts!!...

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The new shop is coming along!

Phase 2 at the shop is in full swing! We've got the guys prepping and painting the screen printing area, the reception and retail spaces are moving forward, and our youngest soon-to-be tattoo apprentice is blowing our minds with her amazing talent! (Yes, it is fake skin!) We can't wait to announce our Grand Opening so we can share all of this with all of you. Don't ask when that will be because honestly, we have no idea! On top of all this, our mural rush is still the forefront of our schedule! God is so good! Have a blessed......

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Chess Board Mania!

There are several places in downtown Evansville where you can play games on the ground and we just revamped the one behind Signature School! Check out the pics and then go and play for yourself. I'm pretty sure that Michael, Don, and Liam were clowning while they repainted this one!...

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Have You Seen Deep Blue?

Have you driven by the outdoor mural at Deep Blue? It was such a fun project. This one was completed by Michael and Don in the late and chilly Spring of '23 and that wind was piercing! Check out the rest of the artwork from Deep Blue! You should definitely take your kids to play there!...

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